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East Coast Barbecue Gathering

East Coast Parkway



五点过后,会员宗亲与家属陆续到场支持此项活动。出席人数约40多位。大家聚在一起有说有笑, 很是愉快。

傍晚六点时,天公不作美,下起倾盆大雨,大伙儿只好到邻近的凉亭避避雨。不过,大家很有耐心,认为守得云开见月明。果然不出所料, 雨势转弱后,宗亲们迫不及待撑着伞重新生火,让烧烤活动继续进行。


On Saturday, August 4, the youth, recreation, and women's committees of Ang Shee General Association jointly held a barbecue at East Cost Park. At four o'clock in the afternoon, the organizers brought the equipment, food, and other utensils for the barbecue to the event location. Later, all of us pitched in to cook. Everyone seemed to know what to do and did it well. Some prepared the food, some set out the folding tables, and some were busy lighting the fire.

The most ideal food for barbecue is of course, chicken wings, so we prepared a lot of wings. There were sausages, large prawns, satay, and all other kinds of delicious food like fried bee hoon, curry, desserts, fruits, and drinks.

After five, other clan members and their families came to lend their support to this event. There were about forty people gathered together, and much laughter and joy was shared.

Unfortunately, at six in the evening, the weather made a bad turn, and it started raining cats and dogs. We were forced to find shelter at the pavilions nearby. But everyone exercised patience, believing that every cloud had a silver lining. Our patience paid off and the rain turned into a drizzle. Our clan family could not wait to get the fire going again, so with umbrellas in hand, they rekindled the event.

We would like to thank all the members of the clan for their warm support. We would also like to thank the youth, recreation, and women's committees for their hard work in planning this event.

​Event Photos

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