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Parents' Day Lunch cum Committee (2019-2020) Inauguration Ceremony

Qian Xi Paya Lebar Restaurant






At noon on 1 May, the Ang Shee General Association held the inauguration of its 37th Executive Committee and 32nd Benevolent Association Committee (2019-2020) in the Qian Xi Restaurant in Paya Lebar. The theme of the event was "Nurturing a Grace Greater than the Heavens: You Raised Me, Now Let Me Keep You Company in Your Old Age," in celebration of Parents' Day. There were 23 tables, and attending the event were Committee Advisor, Toon Lip, executive committee and families, and clan members. Everyone gathered to witness the inauguration of the new committee and celebrate the event.

As they were sworn in by honorary advisor and trustees Hai Choon PBM and Chew Ah Kia, all the elected committee members lined up in front of the stage to solemnly read the oath to all gathered in the banquet hall:

We sincerely accept the role of committee members of the 37th term of the Ang Shee General Association and the 32nd Committee members of the Ang Shee Benevolent Association (2019-2020) entrusted to us by the clan members, and we will abide by the Constitution and resolutions of the General Association and serve all the members of the Association. This our pledge.

After the oath was completed, led by the chairman, Lian Kwang, the newly appointed members of the committee each went onstage to sign the oath. This was followed by the handover ceremony between the previous treasurer and the current treasurer, after which the new council officially took office.

When the ceremony was completed, the much anticipated luncheon for the parents' Day began. During the banquet, Huay Tee, deputy director of the Women's Committee, gave a welcome speech, followed by speeches of encouragement by honorary advisor Hai Choon PBM and Chairman Lian Kwang. They unanimously wished all fathers and mothers a happy parents' day, good health, and enjoyable times with their families. The event itself reminded us of the meaning of Mother's and Father's Day, as sometimes we need such holidays to remind us not to constantly take our families for granted and to find some time to spend with them. This was followed by a series of singing performances, in which most of the singers were participants in the previous Golden Years Singing Programs. These singing enthusiasts interacted with the guests, filling the atmosphere with song and laughter. Everyone had a good time and was filled with warm feelings.

The luncheon ended at 3 pm.

​Event Photos

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