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Chinese New Year Gathering and Respecting the Elders' Banquet

Qian Xi Paya Lebar Restaurant

2020年2月2日星期日,农历正月初九中午, 新加坡六桂堂联合六桂宗亲团体(洪、江、翁、方、龚 、汪)在千禧楼(花拉公园)举办新春团拜庆春节。翁氏总会身为六桂宗亲团体的一个组织,除了参与这项活动与六桂宗亲团聚、迎春接福。与此同时颁发红包给年满65岁或以上的翁氏宗亲和家属,以示敬老尊贤。 出席的宗亲与家属约有300位,大会的主宾是六桂堂名誉顾问、宏茂桥集选区国会议员洪鼎基MP宗长。六桂堂名誉顾问洪茂诚BBM宗长及六桂堂主席江春彣PPA宗长也是在座嘉宾。

随着六桂堂主席江春彣PPA宗长和主宾洪鼎基MP宗长致欢迎与祝贺词,午宴便开始。 在新型冠状病毒疫情的笼罩下,洪鼎基MP宗长在台上贺年时呼吁大家万众一心,共同抗炎。他也嘱咐大家保持冷静和警惕,采取对社会负责任的态度,当身体不适时戴上口罩,即早就医,如常生活。宗长也不忘为身处医疗前线的医务人员致谢和打气。



On Sunday afternoon, 2 February 2020, the 9th day of the first lunar month, the Singapore Liu Kwee Tang joined the Liu Kwee Clan Associations (Hong, Jiang, Weng, Fang, Gong and Wang) to celebrate the Chinese New Year at Qian Xi Restaurant (Farrer Park). As part of the Liu Kwee Clan Association, the Ang Shee General Association participated in this activity, gathered with the Liu Kwee clan members to usher in the Chinese New Year together. At the same time, we also gave out red packets to Ang Shee General Association's clan and family members who had reached 65 years old or older to express our respect. There were around 300 guests. The guest of honour was Liu Kwee Tang's Honorary Advisor, MP for Ang Mo Kio GRC, Ang Hin Kee. Liu Kwee Tang's Honorary Advisor, Ang Mong Seng BBM and the Chairman of Liu Kwee Tang, Kang Choon Boon PPA, were also the distinguished guests at the banquet.

Following the welcome speeches and well-wishes by the guests of honour, MP Ang Hin Kee and Liu Kwee Tang's Chairman Kang Choon Boon PPA, the banquet began. Under the cloud of the coronavirus, MP Ang Hin Kee, in his Chinese New Year greeting, reminded everyone to be united in the fight against this disease. He also advised everyone to remain calm and vigilant, to adopt an attitude of responsibility towards the society, to put on a mask when not feeling well, and to see the doctor as early as possible, but otherwise to carry on with life as normal. He also did not forget to express his appreciation and encouragement to medical personnel who were fighting at the medical frontline.

After well wishes like "Abundance every year," "Great wealth," "Prosperity," "Happy New Year," and "Good health" were expressed by the different chairmen of the Liu Kwee Tang Executive Committee and the sister organisations of the six surnames, the celebration came to an end. We would like to thank the dance company of the Kang Association for entertaining us with two folk dances, which brought much pride to the Liu Kwee clan members.

In this special time, monitoring our health has become our main responsibilities. Let's vigilantly guard ourselves and not let this disease attacks us. It's our hope that this epidemic will soon come to an end. Here's wishing us safety and peace, good health and happiness, for lives to return to normalcy, and to be able to visit people we want to visit and do things we want to do. Let's work hard to protect our public health!

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