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CNY Spring Reception

Ang Shee General Association






On February 17, 2024, Ang Shee General Association held a grand Lunar New Year gathering at its headquarters. Presidents and Executive Committee gathered to pay respects to their ancestors, wishing for peace, joy, health, and prosperity in the Year of the Dragon.

The entire venue was adorned with a festive atmosphere, decorated with vibrant reds and hanging lanterns, creating a joyous ambiance. the Executive Committee, dressed in festive attire, approached the ancestral plaques one by one, offering sincere prayers. Their wishes included ancestral protection and blessings, hoping for peace and happiness within the Weng family throughout the Dragon Year.

To enhance the festive spirit, the association invited a lion dance troupe to perform. The colorful lions danced gracefully in front of the venue, symbolizing good luck and auspiciousness. The lively drumbeats and playful lion movements added vibrancy to the Lunar New Year celebration, signifying a year of smooth sailing and continuous good fortune.

Following the ritual, the directors delivered heartfelt speeches. They expressed gratitude and respect to the ancestors, radiating confidence in the prosperity and growth of the association. Simultaneously, they extended warm wishes to all family members for good health, successful endeavors, and lasting happiness throughout the new year.

The entire gathering concluded in a serene yet lively atmosphere. Family members welcomed the new year together, envisioning a future of increased unity and prosperity for the clan. This Lunar New Year gathering not only upheld the traditions of the past but also served as a testament to the unity of the family, marking an auspicious beginning for the Year of the Dragon. May the association thrive and experience happiness and well-being for generations to come.

​Event Photos

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