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5th Annual Parent's Day Celebration

Ang Shee General Association




In life, truthfulness and selfless love shown by parents for their children are the most beautiful, affectionate and everlasting love of all. As parents' day was around the corner, Ang Shee General Association (ASGA) held its 5th annual parents' day celebration on 1st May 2014 at Qian Xi (Paya Lebar) Restaurant with a banquet lunch. The warm and festive gathering was jointly organized by the Women's and Recreation group, with the enthusiastic response from clan fellow and committee members, the event was carried out smoothly with some 220 participants turning up.

On that day, clan elder Lian Kwang (President); clan fellow members Ah Chye (General Affairs Director); Poon Lai (President Of Benevolent Association); Swee Huat (Vice-president Of Benevolent Association) etc. arrived as early as 11.00am to ensure that everything was in order and to welcome all guests at the entrance of the restaurant. While the guests were being seated, the DJ started playing old classic song from CDs brought by clan fellow member Toon Kee. As a prelude to the opening of the festivities, participants sang Karaoke. At around 12.30 pm, the emcee invited clan elder Lian Kwang (President) to give his opening address. In his opening speech, clan elder Lian Kwang (President) thanked the organizing committee for their dedication, contribution and hard work in planning for this event, and to all members for their support. He also indicated his satisfaction with the business of the Association. He hoped that with the strong support from committee members, young members would be more active in the committee and increase their participation in organized events so that ASGA would be more cohesive and the Association would be bought to the next higher level.

After the address, banquet lunch was served, participants sang Karaoke in between game sessions. At one stage, supporters of participants came nearer to the stage to take photographs, and laughter filled the hall. As usual, group dance performances by the Women's committee members, brought the festivities to a dramatic climax.

A quote from a Chinese Proverb says that a Father's Love is as great as mountain; a Mother's Love is as broad and deep as the sea; and there is not a weighing machine in the world that can measure the depth and breadth of their Love for their children. It can only be known if one observes the wrinkles on their forehead and the whiteness of their hair then could one able to understand the effort that they had put in.
ASGA's Honorary Advisor cum Trustee clan elder Hai Choon PBM; Gee Seng (Committee Advisor); Lian Kwang (President) and the committee members were invited to the stage for mass cake-cutting ceremony and proposed three grand toasts with all guests, blessing everyone good health; longevity; happy life and smooth progress of the Association. The event ended with joyful Karaoke singing.

​Event Photos

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