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Annual Dinner

Qian Xi Paya Lebar Restaurant

翁氏总会于10/12/2011(星期六),庆祝该会成立46周年,互助会41周年暨妇女组3周年, 同时颁发会员子女勤学奖励金。







Ang Shee General Association held their annual dinner on 10 Dec 2012 at Paya Lebar Qian Xi Restaurant to celebrate the

· 46th Anniversary of Ang Shee General Association;
· 41th Anniversary of Ang Shee Benevolent Committee; and
· 3rd Anniversary of Ang Shee Women Group

The association also took this opportunity to award incentives to young members with outstanding academic results; emphasizing the importance on education.

The long day started at 9 am with the preparation of offerings to the ancestors. Led by the Chairman, the ceremony took place at 12 pm to seek blessings for the continuous success of the association as well as the well-being of all members.

The turnout for the dinner event was astonishing with a total of more than 700 members gathered at Qian Xi Restaurant. It was the time of the year for the members to gather together to celebrate this gracious event.

The Chairman presented his speech; highlighting the key achievements accomplished in 2011 and emphasizing 2012 goals. The association had started their annual newsletter and the current ongoing facility expansion project. The Chairman had urged every member to continue their support and contribution to the association.

The Chairman issued out certificates for long serving members for their selfless devotion and contributions. Incentive awards were presented to academically outstanding young members to further encourage them to reach for greater heights.

Singing performances by local artists lightened up the event with various songs entertaining both the young and old. Banquet dinner was served and everyone had enjoyed the feast; letting their hair down and rewarding themselves for the hard work put in for the past one year.

A group cheer led by the management community sent out well wishes to all members for the upcoming year.

​Event Photos

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