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National Day 2014 Celebration - Barbecue Night

East Coast Parkway

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National Day 2014 Celebration - Barbecue Night





On 2nd August 2014, Ang Shee General Association (ASGA) held her second National Day Barbecue Night at the scenic East Coast Park. The event was jointly organised by the Youth Group, Recreation and Women Committee. Clan fellow members and their relatives gathered together to celebrate the nation's birthday.

On that night, members from the committee, Huay Tee, Ai Tee, Siew Choo, Wen Chen, Jui Pong and Kay Long, were in charge of the barbequing. They always shared the food with others, before consuming themselves. Everyone sat together to chat around, and even discussed the association's future plans.
The success of this event was thanks to the strong support we garnered from the committee and clan fellow members as appended:
1. Clan elder Lian Kwang sponsored fruits (apple, pears, grapes, Longan) and beer.
2. Clan fellow members, Chee Keong and Siew Choo sponsored $100.00 and curry chicken.
3. Clan fellow member, Ah Chye sponsored durians.
4. Clan fellow member, Jui Pong sponsored cendol Melaka.
5. Clan fellow member, Phoon Tian sponsored fruits (Longan, rambutan and mangosteen).
6. Clan fellow member, Er Qian sponsored Bubor Hitam dessert.
7. Clan fellow member Hai Chwee sponsored traditional homemade glutinous rice.

Overall, the food tasted great and everyone had a wonderful time.

Besides the above, in total about forty people including clan fellow members Soo Sing, Si Yong, Teow San, Seng Hee, Lay Eng, Wei Guo, Beng Kuan and wife attended the event. Special thanks for the time and effort put in by clan fellow members Kay Long, Ah Chye, Soo Sing and Wen Chen to deliver the necessary items to the venue. Without their selfless dedication and contribution, it would have been impossible to carry out this event so smoothly.

We hope that more clan members will actively participate in our various bond-building activities. The committee will also uphold its objective of serving the clan, and we also look forward to attract more new members, so that the clan will continue to develop and grow.

​Event Photos

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