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2 Days 1 Night Batu Pahat Vacation Trip

Batu Pahat



参加旅行的宗亲及亲友共有28人,一路欢声笑语,很快就抵达了我们的第一个景点-麻坡,参观了当地著名的"善财爷",整座庙宇环境清幽,在酷热的天气里依然给人们带来一阵清爽与淡雅的味道;下车后,各位宗亲纷纷入殿虔诚膜拜,祈求阖家平安,随后前往荣成饼家购买当地特产。续程我们继续前往参观黑脸观音,完后,我们继续前往本次旅行的最终目的地-峇杜巴辖,抵达后入住于风景宜人的海滨度假屋,并享用当地颇具特色的丰富美味的晚餐,餐后宗亲们还自由组合打麻将和唱卡拉OK ,一展歌喉,尽兴而回。



On a sunny July morning, the Ang Shee General Association recreation committee organised a 2 Days 1 Night trip to Batu Pahat (Malaysia).

Clan fellow members and relatives gathered early in the morning at the Association's office ready for this gastronomic and pleasurable trip. A total of 28 clan fellow members and relatives participated. Laughter and merriment filled the coach throughout the journey. Soon the group arrived at the first attraction - Muar, the famous "Shan Cai Ye" ( 善财爷) temple. Although the weather was hot, members still felt cool and fresh due to the serenity of the temple. Pious clan members then proceeded to pray for good health and wealth for the family. Next the group proceeded to Yong Sheng Confectionery (荣成饼家) and bought their signature products, followed by a visit to the "Hei Lian Kwan In "(黑脸观音) and paid their respects there. Thereafter, the group continued their journey to the final destination - Batu Pahat. Upon arrival, the group checked in at the Minyak Beku Agrotourism (MBA) resort and enjoyed the delicious local cuisine dinner. Clan members enjoyed themselves with Karaoke singing and mahjong sessions at the resort. Everyone had lots of fun and called it a night.

The next day morning, the group took a scenic boat ride to view the mangroves, light house and "Chong Long Gong" ( 崇龙宫) temple from the sea. After the boat ride, they disembarked and travelled to Segenting to visit the "Chong Long Gong" (崇龙宫) temple. There is a "Ma Zu Niang Niang"(妈祖娘娘) statue beside this temple. According to legend, there are eight arapaima ("dragon") fishes in the pond which possess extraordinary spirits. It was believed that anyone fortunate to touch them would be blessed with good luck in the coming year. Clan fellow members Ah Chye and Phoon Tian were so happy that they were the fortunate ones that managed to touch these dragon fishes. Next, the group went to nearby food street stalls to enjoy buying and sampling the various local varieties of durians, specialties, snacks and fruits. It was a rewarding experience although everyone's wallet was "bled" dry. After lunch, the group visited the "Qing Ti Tua Gong temple" (青天大伯公庙). In the temple there is a deep well where it is said that bad luck would be washed away by cleansing oneself with the holy well water. Hence, clan fellow members rushed to draw the well water one after another to wash themselves. It was such a hot day that everyone felt fresh and cool after the wash. Next, the group travelled to Johor Bahru for shopping and dinner. After dinner, the group headed for Home Sweet Home.

Clan fellow members were very satisfied with the trip and looks forward for more of such activities to enhance relationship and communication within the clan. The Association hopes to organize more of such activities catering to families and younger members in the interest of strengthening the vitality of Ang Shee General Association.

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