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3D2N Cameron and Ipoh Trip

Cameron and Ipoh




On 24 June 2011, 27 members took part in an overseas trip organized by Recreation Committee of Ang Shee General Association to tour Cameron and Ipoh. The trip is mainly to cultivate a stronger bond within the members and to encourage the young to participate in all future activities; bringing new vitality to the association.

Through this event, the association hopes to further enhance the relationships between families of our members; fostering values of understanding, respecting, and cooperation within the association.

Luxury coaches brought them to the famous plateau, Cameron, and everyone was awed by incredible views of the mountains and the majestic waterfall. A short tour around the tea garden and cactus garden filled the members' views with pure greenery. After a short rest, the members went on a shopping spree at the night market; ending the day with much rewards and laughter.

The next morning, the members set out to explore Ipoh famous cave as well as the rose garden. The members had a taste of Ipoh famous cakes and hometown dishes as a well rewarded dinner.The whole event was enjoyable; every family had a great time. Ang Shee General Association hopes to be able to organize more of such activities for the members' families; slowing down from the fast pace everyday life and enjoy the companionship of their family and other members.

​Event Photos

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