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58th Anniversary Celebration

Jubilee Garden Restaurant







The glittering 58th Ang Shee General Association Anniversary Celebration was held on December 9, 2023, at Jubilee Garden Restaurant (SAFRA - Toa Payoh ). The grand event brought together invited community members and members of the association, all dressed splendidly. The distinguished guest, Honorable Member of Parliament for West Coast GRC, Mr. Ang Wei Neng, graced the occasion, commemorating the 58th anniversary of the association, the 53rd year of the benevolent association committee, the 15th year of the women's committee, and the 11th year of the youth committee. It was a grand celebration that upheld the spirit of the clan, honoring its legacy and achievements.

The evening commenced amidst warm applause, with the president, Mr. Ang Peng Hong taking the stage to deliver his address. He expressed heartfelt gratitude to the clan members for their contributions throughout the past year, highlighting the association's accomplishments and future prospects. He joyously announced the conferment of the Public Service Medal (PBM) to committee advisor cum honorary trustee. Mr. Lian Kuang, recognizing his outstanding contributions to society. He also thanked the women's and youth groups for their efforts in organizing barbecue and festive celebrations during the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, which brought immense joy to the association. Finally, he encouraged all present to innovate boldly in the face of rapidly changing times and emphasized the importance of unity for the future of the Weng Clan.

Mr. Hong Wei Neng, in his enthusiastic address, expressed high regard for the significant contributions of the Ang Shee General Association to society. He encouraged clan members to continue contributing to the community and the nation's prosperity.

The association advisor, Mr. Eng Gee Seng, awarded scholarships from primary to university level to outstanding young clan members in recognition of their academic excellence, serving as an inspiring gesture for their future endeavors.

The dinner featured sumptuous and delightful dishes that pleased the guests' palates. The council had arranged for a captivating performance by a guest singer, filling the entire venue with enchanting melodies and soul-stirring songs, immersing everyone in a musical ocean of joy.

As the night concluded amidst laughter and joy, the memories and happiness of this splendid event will linger in everyone's hearts. The 58th Ang Shee General Association Anniversary Celebration was not just a commemoration but a beautiful moment for family reunion and a hopeful glance towards tradition and the future. Looking forward to more wonderful moments and gatherings in the future, let us continue to move forward together and create brilliance!

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