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Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration


花好月圆,翁氏宗亲及家属们于2015年9月26日傍晚六时团圆于总会, 参与由妇女组主办,康乐组及青年组协办的第六届中秋晚会,此活动旨在联系宗亲情谊。


For the Chinese community, the Mid-Autumn Festival has been a festival to celebrate bountiful harvest in the past year and the reunion of the family. This year, the Women Committee, Recreational Committee and Youth Committee of Ang Shee General Association (ASGA) jointly held its 6th annual celebration of this traditional festival at the Clan Association on the evening of 26 September 2015, with the objective of providing an opportunity for the clansmen to meet with more members of the Weng clan.

Before the official start of the event, President Lian Kwang, in his opening address, welcomed the attendance of fellow clan members and their family members at this event. After which, clan members tucked into the buffet dinner which was prepared by fellow clan members. The atmosphere during dinner was relaxing and lively with fun and interactive activities prepared by the committee to engage everyone present at the event. Some clan members even went on stage later on to sing, while other clan members enjoyed the delectable food together with the excellent view of the full moon. The children also had fun as they carried lanterns around the premises.

At the end of the event, everyone each left with a goodie bag sponsored by the committee members. All members had a memorable and enjoyable night as they spent this traditional "Festival of Reunion" bonding with fellow Weng clansmen.

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