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Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration



晚餐以 "自助餐" 形式进行,让大家尝到不同风味的美食。此外,理事宗亲们还自备了家常菜、月饼、水果和饮料 。除了享用美食、观赏余兴节目、参与游戏之外,小宗亲们还受邀上台领取精美灯笼。出席的会员宗亲和家属约六十位,而且每位出席者皆获赠一份礼袋。




On 16th September, Ang Shee General Association held its 12th Mid-Autumn Celebration. Like previous years, the event was held in front of the Association’s main entrance. Although the venue was a temporary shed, but the stage was decorated with various colorful lanterns, creating the festive atmosphere.

The dinner party was in the form of "buffet", so that people could taste different types of food. In addition, there was also some home cooked, moon cakes, fruits and drinks prepared by the committee members. Other than enjoying good food, watching programs, and playing games, children were also invited to receive exquisite lanterns. Approximately 60 clan fellow members and relatives attended the party. All participants were also given a gift bag each.

When Chairman Lian Kwang delivered a speech, he thanked the attendees for their participation and support, and wished everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival. He invited young clansmen to join the Ang Shee General Association and participate in the Association's activities in order to serve the association in future.

When the Director of Women's committee Huay Tee gave her speech of thanks, she wished everyone good health, happiness in the family and a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

At 9.00pm, the Mid-Autumn celebration event ended.


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