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Promote mutual assistance Respect the wise and cherish the elderly

Welcome to join the Ang Shee General Association family

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President's Message

Dear Members, First and foremost, I want to sincerely thank each and every one of you for your support and contributions to the Ang Shee General Association over the past years. It's through your perseverance and dedication that we have achieved the accomplishments and progress we see today. Whether it's the events we've organized or the dynamic sports activities, they all reflect our shared passion and effort, becoming an endless source of motivation driving us forward. We have been continually striving to enhance the strong cohesion and unity between our young members and the entire association. The youth represent our future, and their vigor and innovation will inject renewed vitality and fresh perspectives into the Ang Shee General Association. We encourage everyone to actively participate in various sports initiatives, fostering teamwork and competition, deepening our connections, and building a stronger sense of unity. Simultaneously, we are committed to attracting more Weng Clan descendants to join our extended family. Each and every relative is an integral part of the Weng Clan heritage, and their involvement will infuse our team with new energy and ideas. Let's work together to introduce ourselves to a wider audience, allowing them to feel our warmth and join us in creating an even more united and vibrant Weng Clan family. Thank you all for your unwavering support and dedication, which have made our association stronger and better. Let's continue to move forward hand in hand, shaping a future filled with unity and vitality. With heartfelt gratitude, Peng Hong President

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The missions of the Ang Shee Association’s website ( were to archive the related historical records and to disseminate information on events and activities held by the association. In order to fulfill these missions, the website was first established in 2007 and maintained till 2013 by Jia Hui. ​ In 2013, the then Executive Committee formed a Website Team and appointed Ah Chye, Jui Pong, and Seng Hee as team members, to redevelop the website. The team spent much effort to gather, re-organize and digitize the humongous amount of historical data related to the Ang Shee General Association, which includes the clan history, documents, and photographs from past events and activities held since its formation in 1965. These data were uploaded onto the newly developed website, which was publicly released in November 2013. Since then, the Website Team continued to update the website with the new content arising from subsequent events and activities. Due to technology advancement, the website had faced continuity issues arising from incompatibilities with prevailing technology in 2021. Unfortunately, the resolution of these issues was beyond the knowledge of the existing Website Team. After exploring various alternatives like Facebook, the Executive Committee decided to continue with the use of websites to carry out the mission of historical archives and information dissemination. The website was thus required to be redeveloped. With much deliberation, the Executive Committee engaged a commercial web designer to carry out the new website design works. ​ Dear clan members and friends, you’re now viewing the new website, the clan platform that records the history of the Ang Shee General Association and facilitates information sharing among the community. Website Team



Every year, Ang Shee General Association will hold activities such as Chinese New Year gathering, respect for the elderly, Mid-Autumn Festival, barbecue parties and overseas trips. The number of people participating in each event is also increasing year by year.

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