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Collaborative CNY Gathering & Respect Elderly with Liu Kwee Tang

Jubilee Garden Restaurant







On February 18, 2024, the Ang Shee General Association and Singapore Liu Kwee Tang joined hands to host a Chinese New Year celebration and appreciation luncheon at the Qian Xi (Farrer Park) Restaurant in Civil Servants Club located at Tessensohn Road. Executive Committee and members, accompanied by their families, attended in festive attire, marking the beginning of a joyous and harmonious feast.

The banquet hall exuded an atmosphere of jubilation as family members gathered, relishing the sumptuous and delectable dishes prepared for this special occasion. The delightful aroma of the feast, coupled with the vibrant red decorations, created an ambiance filled with happiness and joy.

The Guest-of-Honour, Honorary Advisor Ang Mong Seng, BBM of Singapore Liu Kwee Tang, delivered a heartfelt speech, extending wishes for prosperity, wealth, and good health in the Year of the Dragon. He expressed hopes for the collaboration between Ang Shee General Association and Singapore Liu Kwee Tang to reach new heights, organizing even more activities for the benefit of all family members.

During the luncheon, the President and Executive Committee from both organizations personally distributed red packets to the elderly family members, conveying respect and gratitude. This touching moment added an extra layer of warmth to the entire event.

Amidst laughter and joy, the Chinese New Year celebration and appreciation luncheon concluded, leaving everyone with heartwarming memories. Family members sat together, sharing the joy and gratitude of life. In this moment of reunion, they collectively prayed for unity, prosperity, and happiness in the coming year.

The Chinese New Year luncheon was not just a grand feast; it was also a significant moment in the continuation of family traditions. Through such gatherings, Ang Shee General Association's members and Singapore Liu Kwee Tang deeply felt the warmth and unity within the community. Looking forward to the future, they aim to continue the legacy, moving forward hand in hand, and creating more beautiful memories together.

​Event Photos

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