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Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

Ang Shee General Association




Though many traditional things have changed with the trends of the times, the spirit of celebrating traditional festivals has been preserved. Since 2007, the Ang Shee General Association has been holding a party for the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival every year at the association headquarter. On September 7, 2019, a tent and stage were set up in front of the association on Saturday and decorated with a variety of lanterns to celebrate this day of reunion.

Around 6.00 pm that evening, clan members and their families started to arrive at the venue. They enjoyed a buffet, moon cakes, drinks, and fruit. Fifty people attended the event. Stage performances and games started at 7.00 pm, and a variety of entertainment programmes were presented. In the middle of the fun, the host asked the participants to go up onstage and drink a toast to express well-wishes for the clan members gathered. Instantly, the whole place was filled with joy, and all present felt the significance of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The enjoyment of the night lasted until after 9.00 pm, when everyone went home happily and contented.

​Event Photos

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