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Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration Dinner

Ang Shee General Association

由妇女组及康乐组于11/9/2016 星期日举办的第10届中秋晚间聚餐圆满结束,约有50 多位宗亲及家属参加当晚的活动。


主席两光宗长致欢迎词时祝福宗亲们生活愉快,有个平稳的未来;鼓励新加入的会员宗亲多响应出席各组的活动,感谢妇女组为宗亲准备了一连串有趣又精彩的娱乐节目。宗亲们一起欢唱卡拉OK, 同时享用事先准备的丰富美味佳肴和品尝月饼,分享工作经验和孩子的成长趣事等。



On 11/9/2016 the Women's and Recreational Committee organised its 10th Mid-Autumn Festival celebration dinner, with more than 50 clan fellow members and family members in attendance.

That night, the stage was decorated with electric lanterns, which attracted neighbours and passers-by to stop and take in the sight.

In his opening address, President Lian Kwang wished all clan members and their families a happy life and smooth sailing ahead, while encouraging new clan members to actively participate in clan activities. He expressed his appreciation to the Women's Committee for their dedication and hard work in planning a series of fun, exciting programmes for this event. During his speech, clan members tucked into the buffet dinner, which was prepared by fellow clan members. While some enjoyed the delectable food and moon-cakes, while others went on stage to sing karaoke. The children also had fun as they carried their electric lanterns around the area, chatting happily along the way. The atmosphere was warm and the spirit of clanship filled the venue.

In her speech, Women's Committee Director Ms. Ang Huay Tee thanked her fellow clan members for their participation and wished everyone a happy festive period and a day of family reunion.

At the end of the event, everyone left with a set of goodie bags, returning home with deep affection in their hearts.

​Event Photos

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