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Ang Shee General Association’s 56th Anniversary

Qian Xi Paya Lebar Restaurant

基于疫情反复不定,造成许多的未知。因此,翁氏总会2021年再次没有举办庆典晚宴。而一贯在会庆晚宴颁发的会员子女勤学奖励金典礼则作出调整、安排在会所进行,以策安全。第52届(2020/2021 学年)奖励金颁奖仪式在2021年12月11日会庆当天,由总务崕财及主席两光宗长主持,奖励金顾问泉粒PBM 宗长以及会务顾问尔谦宗长颁发。两光宗长在颁奖仪式上致词,他期盼得奖者,踏入社会工作后能够回来,无论在哪一方面的活动,都能为总会效力。也感谢赞助奖励金的宗亲们,热心教育、造福宗族。



The recurrence of the pandemic created many uncertainties, which once again prevented the Ang Shee General Association from holding any celebratory banquets in 2021. The ceremony to give out bursaries award to the children of our members, usually held at the celebratory banquet, was instead held on the association premises to ensure safety. The 52nd (2020/2021 school year) bursary award presentation ceremony, held on December 11, 2021, was hosted by Ah Chye of General Affairs, and the Chairman, Lian Kwang. The scholarship advisor, Chun Giap PBM and Committee Advisor, Er Qian, gave out the bursary award. Chairman Lian Kwang gave a speech during the award ceremony, expressing his hopes that the award winners would come back after they step into the working world and serve the association in its activities. He also thanked the clan members who sponsored the bursaries award for their enthusiasm in education and benefitting the clan.

Even though this year’s bursary award ceremony didn’t have a large turnout, there was much jubilation, because among the students receiving the awards, there was the rare situation in which two brothers received bursaries award in the university category. They were Hao Yuan and Hao Duan.

Later, the chairman bade farewell to the clan members, not forgetting to offer his blessings. He wished the clan members good health, happiness, and good fortune.

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