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Chinese New Year Gathering

Ang Shee General Association

2012年2月5日(星期日) 农历正月十四早上11时正,在本会所举办了(壬辰年) 敬老会暨新春团拜联欢宴会,当天席开10桌,会员及亲属共同约100人参加这次聚餐活动。


本会会务顾问、永久名誉会长兼信托人秋夏仔宗长为本次宴会的贵宾. 席间,主席两光宗长发表了热情洋溢的讲话,主席说很欢迎会员宗亲及亲属的积极参与,感谢永久名誉会长兼产业信托人秋夏仔宗长的到来,并以最忠诚的祝福,祝愿会员及亲属:节日快乐,身体健康,家庭美满。午时举行自由餐会,大家集体捞鱼生,把热闹的场面推向高潮。并欣赏康乐组暨妇女组联合准备的一系列精彩的表演,翁氏宗亲、家属及表演嘉宾以卡拉OK演唱的方式来向大家拜年,使整个宴会的气氛推向了另一个高潮。



On 5th February 2012 at 11:00 am, Ang Shee General Association held its annual Chinese New Year Gathering Celebration banquet. It was a grand event with a turnout of about 100 members and relatives to usher in the Dragon Year together.

It has been a tradition to pay respect to the ancestors before commencement of any celebrations. Led by the Association Chairman, all members paid their respects to their ancestors; praying for good fortune and blessing for the rest of Dragon Year. After the rites, members exchanged well wishes with one another which symbolized good fortune for the Dragon Year. A traditional Lion Dance performance lightened up the start of the event.

The Chairman gave his speech emphasizing the need of more active participation of members in the association activities and sent his warmest wishes for the year ahead. Entertaining performances, organized by members of the recreational group cum women's group, catered for the young and old. There was lots of singing performances, guest performances and games for the young members.

Nearing the end of the event, the Chairman went around distributing Hong Bao to the elderly as a form of respect and well wishes. The whole event was definitely heartwarming and enjoyable for both the young and the old.

​Event Photos

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