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Barbecue Gathering

East Coast Parkway





1. 折叠式长桌、水果及礼品––––崕财
2. 肉扒、香肠、鱼丸––––桦姿
3. 咖喱鸡––––白美珍
4. 呜咑––––昌和
5. 炒米粉––––海水
6. 啤酒三箱及冰块––––国成
7. 素米粉––––国成母亲
8. 糙米粥––––国成姐姐
9. 卤鸭––––李丽珠
10. 凉拌菜––––郑锈駯
11. $1000 购买其他食料(剩余$600.00)––––两光

At the dusk on 5 August 2017, the seaside of East Coast Park was lively. Leaves of the coconut trees were swaying in the cool breeze. Viewing from the lawn beside the beach to the vast ocean, you could see a lot of boats berthed there. The sky was blue and the clouds covered the sunset glow, connecting the sky and the sea. At this beautiful moment, Ang Shee General Association Youth Committee organised a barbecue gathering at the lawn. The event attracted numerous members coming along with their family members.

More than 60 attendants, from elderly to children, gathered at the scenic seaside. They were chatting while they were tasting the delicious food. Some exchanged experience in daily work, some shared about books that they read, and some parents watching their children digging sand and forming sand castle at the beach, enjoy and relax.

The Executive Committee members were very excited about this event organised by the Youth Committee. The members attended and offered supports to the event, taking this opportunity to interact with the attendants to find out their requirements and expectation for the association. The event also received the support from the following clan fellow members: General Affairs Director Ah Chye, Women Committee Director Huay Tee, Chinese Secretary Wen Chen, and Deputy Presidents of Benevolent Association Poon Lai and Soo Sing. When talking with the writer of this report, newly appointed Youth Committee Director Clan fellow Chang Hoe indicated, "I am looking forward to meeting up with other members of the Youth Committee, be it taking a simple meal together or tea session at a coffee shop. The aim is to get the members in the Youth Committee to know each other better, so as to avoid embarrassing or strange feeling when they meet in the future." The writer of this report thinks that it is a good starting point.

The barbecue gathering ended at 8pm. In recognition of the members' support, all attendants received either a water bottle or mug, as a token of appreciation. And the Committee hopes to see an increase in participation in the Association's annual events.

Notes: Special thanks to the following clan fellow members for their sponsored / furnished items that were required for the event.
1. Folding table, fruits and gifts––––Ah Chye
2. Pork chops, sausages, fish balls––––Huay Tee
3. Curry chicken––––Peh Yong Sewe
4. Otah––––Chang Hoe
5. Fried noodles––––Hai Chwee
6. Three dozen of beer & ice cube––––Kok Seng
7. Vegetarian noodles––––Kok Seng's mother
8. Brown rice porridge––––Kok Seng's sister
9. Braised Duck––––Susan Lee
10. Salad––––Teh Siew Choo
11. $1,000 for other food (remaining $600.00)––––Lian Kwang

​Event Photos

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