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Spring Festival Ancestor Worship Ceremony cum "Respect the Elderly" Lunch Gathering

Qian Xi Paya Lebar Restaurant

翁氏总会理事宗亲们于农历正月初九(24/02/2018)早上11点半,聚集在总会会所盐官堂延续传统,举行新春祭祖仪式。当天一双 瑞狮受邀到会所助兴,随着锣鼓声起舞,给会所增添了新春的热闹欢腾气氛。瑞狮也把摆在地上的一盘柑橘拨成单瓣,拼成"旺"字和幸运数字。隔天正月初十中午,翁氏总会和新加坡六桂堂与六桂其他五姓宗亲团体(洪,江,方,龚,汪)于花拉公园千禧楼联办新春团拜暨敬老会午宴。瑞狮和财神爷也到场增添新春欢腾气氛。约有300多位宗亲欢聚一堂,大家在捞鱼生的热闹祝贺声中开始午宴。宴会厅舞台上还安排了许多表演节目助兴。除了歌星演唱,学生们表演武拳和刀术,还有唱戏和古装变脸表演。财神爷也随舞狮团到会所与大家互动拍照。祝福大家狗年好运兴旺,身体健康。 随后,主席两光宗長带领理事宗亲们一起祭拜祖先祈福。


On 24 February 2018, the ninth day of the first month of Chinese lunar calendar, at 11.30am, Ang Shee General Association (ASGA) Committee and members gathered at the association premises to pay respect to the ancestors, following the tradition. Lion Dance troupe and "God of Wealth" were engaged for the ceremony. The atmosphere was joyful and festive.

On the next day, 25 February 2018, ASGA, together with Singapore Liu Kwee Tang and the other five clans under the Liu Kwee organisation, namely Hong, Jiang, Fang, Gong and Wang, jointly held a Spring Festival Gathering cum "Respect the Elderly" Luncheon at Farrer Park Qian Xi Restaurant. About 350 participants attended the event. On that day, shortly after 12 noon, the Lion Dance team welcomed the arrival of Guest-of-Honour. And the "God of Wealth" went around the event hall distributing candies and interacting with the guests. The banquet lunch was then kicked start with "Lo Hei" ceremony. Participants immersed in the New Year with greetings and well wishes. The committee prepared a series of programmes to entertain clan members. Besides singing performance, martial arts and swordsmanship demonstration, there were opera and face changing performance in ancient costume.

Thereafter, President clan elder Lian Kwang went around the tables distributing special Hongbaos to participants aged 65 years and above, blessing them good health and good luck in everything, as a respect for our pioneers. The children present also received Hongbaos from the Guest-of-Honour. The event took place smoothly and successfully, with the positive response and warm support from the members.

​Event Photos

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