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7th Parents' Day Lunch Gathering

Qian Xi Paya Lebar Restaurant



庆祝宴在千禧楼(巴耶利峇)酒楼举行,获得理事和会员热烈反应。两光宗长说:"今年总会决定豁免会员缴付每人40 元宴会参加费,与此同时,参加会员可携带一名亲人出席,这是因为总会考虑到行情不好,同时也希望借这个机会回馈会员的支持。"


On 1st May 2016, Ang Shee General Association held a lunch reception for about 200 clan members and their relatives who participated. Associate Professor Fatimah Lateef, Member of Parliament for Marine Parade GRC (Geylang Serai), was invited as Guest-of-Honour for the event.

In her speech in Mandarin and English, Dr Fatimah highlighted the importance of filial piety, which should be practiced every day, and not only on Mother's or Father's Day. She told the audience that spending time with parents and doing small things that will make them happy would be considered as carrying out the duty of filial piety. At the end of her speech, Dr Fatimah wished everyone to be happy and stay blessed every day.

President clan elder Lian Kwang, who spoke later, said that the association has always placed an emphasis on the importance of filial piety, and has organised the annual Parents' Day celebration event since 2009. The aim of the Parents' Day is to remind clan members and their children to show care and affection towards their parents at all times and the need to maintain harmonious family relations.

This lunch banquet gathering which was held at Qian Xi (Paya Lebar) Restaurant, gained enthusiastic responses from committee and clan members. President clan elder Lian Kwang said that in recognition of the member's support, and taking into consideration the current economic downturn, the committee had decided to absorb the cost of one ticket ($40) per member for the lunch reception. On top of that, each member was also allowed to bring along a family member for free.

Together with a cake for every table, the association had spent more than $6000 for the entire lunch reception. President Clan elder Lian Kwang also hoped that this event had allowed for better interaction and bonding among the young members, and that they would actively participate in the Youth Day barbecue gathering scheduled at the end of July.

​Event Photos

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