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54th Anniversary Celebration

Qian Xi Paya Lebar Restaurant

12月14日傍晚,600多位宾客相续踏进了巴耶利峇千禧餐厅。庆幸的是,在经历了连续数天下着绵绵细雨的天气,当天傍晚老天作美,使得出席者不必打着雨伞出门,共聚千禧餐厅, 参加由翁氏总会主办的活动––––成立54 周年会庆,同时也是互助会49周年、妇女组11周年兼青年组7周年庆典晚宴。以及颁发第50届(2018学年)会员子女勤学奖励金。






On the evening of 14 December, more than 600 guests gathered at the Qian Xi Restaurant in Paya Lebar. It was fortunate that after consecutive days of drizzling, the weather took a turn for the better. The guests did not have to bring their umbrellas as they travelled to Qian Xi Restaurant to attend the activity organised by the Ang Shee General Association. It was a banquet celebrating the association's 54th anniversary of the Clan's establishment, the Benevolent association's 49th anniversary, the Women Committee's 11th anniversary, and the Youth Committee's 7th anniversary. It was also the 50th Bursary Award Ceremony for students (2018 school year) who are children of clan members.

With the aim of promoting friendship among members and strengthening the connection among the clan associations, the guests not only included the clan members and their families, but also representatives from associations and organisations of Liu Kwee and Zhi De.

Awhile after eight that night, the host opened the evening banquet with a humorous prologue, followed by the food being served.

During the feast, the guest of honour, the Honorary Advisor cum Trustee of the association, Ang Hai Choon PBM, gave a speech. He encouraged us with sincere words and earnest wishes to work in unity and actively promote the traditional Chinese festivals. He also reminded us not to forget our original aspiration to pass down Chinese culture to future generations. We were moved by his words.

The first person to present the Bursary Award was our Committee Advisor, Clan Elder Eng Gee Seng. After the students from the Secondary and Primary School Sections had received their awards, Ang Hai Choon PBM gave out rewards to students in the College & University Category. Photos were also taken to mark the occasion. Seventeen students received the award this year, including three students in the Primary School Category, five students in the Secondary School Category, two in the Junior College/Polytechnic Category, and seven students in the University Category. The representative of the award recipients, Hao Yuan, gave an appreciation speech. In his speech, he thanked Ang Shee General Association for showing concern and encouragement to their studies. He also highlighted the fact that there were many past awardees playing different roles in the executive committee and management of the Association, doing their best to contribute to its operation and development. He also encouraged the awardees not only to join the warm family of the Ang Shee General Association, but also to constantly remember to shoulder greater responsibility for the inheritance and development of the Association in the future and to give back to it. It was very touching to hear the awardees' expression of their appreciation for the Association. The executive committee felt comforted by their words.

The entertainment for the night was presented by Perfect Harmony, led by our Grassroots Patron Ms Jenny Foo. The celebration drew to a beautiful close at 10:30 pm.

​Event Photos

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