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Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations

Ang Shee General Association




整个活动其乐融融,参加聚会的宗亲也比去年增加了近一成,每位宗亲都怀着依依不舍的心及满脸的笑容回家。小朋友提着灯庞,听着美妙的音乐,开心的提着宗亲准备的礼包,把今晚美好的回忆都带回家 。

Ang Shee General Association held a dinner gathering for about 100 members to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival together.

The association is set up as a meeting place for members and their family members; bringing everyone closer as a family. Games were organized for the younger audience while the rest enjoyed the delicious moon cakes and a marvellous dinner.

A series of brilliant performances were organized; a talent show for the kids, lantern lightings, songs and dance, a pomelo peeling competition and lots more. It was a fun filled event for both the young and the elderly.

During the dinner, the Chairman gave his welcome speech to the members; thanking them of their active participation and support as well as sending his well wishes on this special occasion.

Moving forward, the association will definitely need to energize young members for more active participation. The association will want to continue organizing such festival events to pass down important traditional values to the next generation.

​Event Photos

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