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4th Annual Parent's Day Celebration

Qian Xi Paya Lebar Restaurant





Ang Shee General Association held its 4th Annual Parent's Day Celebration on 5-May-2013 at Qian Xi (Paya Lebar) Restaurant.

To promote family interaction as well as to increase family bonding and cohesion, Parent's Day Celebration is held annually. With Mother's Day approaching in May, it is timely to show our gratitude to our parents especially our Mothers during the month. This is the fourth year that the Association had celebrated Parent's Day.

This year, our Women's Executive Committee Director, Ms Ang Huay Tee, announced the commencement of this celebratory event. There were singing performance, interesting and interactive games, which brought lots of laughter and enjoyment to the event. Singing performers includes our Acting President, Mr Ang Er Qian and Ms Anne Lee, wife of our Youth Committee Director. Many members also brought along their own karaoke VCD and their repertoire of wonderful songs increase the joyful atmosphere of the celebration. Accompanied with delicious food and melodious music, all members spent a memorable and enjoyable afternoon.

Every year Parent's Day Celebration had gained the enthusiastic response and support of all members. At the same time, it is hoped that all participants can feel the closer bonding among members and would encourage more new members to join the association.

​Event Photos

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