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Inauguration Ceremony (2011-12) 33rd Executive Committee and 28th Benevolent Association

Ang Shee General Association

转眼间,翁氏总会已经成立46年。以缅怀先辈的付出和贡献为宗旨,总会在新理事会的领导下,吸引了近百分六十的年轻人担任各部要职,为总会服务,也为会所带 来新的生机。同时本会也经常组团出席海内外的六桂及至德活动,建立了各地社会与文化交流的精神以及和谐的社会,进而加深了彼此之间密切的联系,大家互相沟 通与学习,共创美好的未来。

会所也在自我更新,除了传统文化,祭拜祖先,同年会庆,颁发新年敬老金及奖学金 给会员子女外,并积极开展新的活动。在这届新理事的领导和协助下,会务充满活力,各委员研究决定将扩建会所,以增加活动空间,不断更新,这项重大工程希望 大家慷慨捐献,同民协力,协助总会达成重任。同时希望各位宗亲提出宝贵意见,使会所蒸蒸日上,更上一层楼。


In just a blink of an eye, Ang Shee General Association have been established for over 46 years. It was not an easy feat for the founding fathers to set up Ang Shee General Association and having it going actively up to today.

Under the leadership of the new management community, the association had attracted the next generation of members to take up various key positions in the community so as to continue serving our members. The new appointed members will definitely be able to bring new vitality to the future of Ang Shee General Association.

Ang Shee General Association plans to organize more activities and participate more actively in conjunction with Liu Kwee Tang activities locally and beyond Singapore. This is to establish closer ties with our neighbouring Associations and share knowledge towards a better future.

Ang Shee General Association is constantly trying to make things better for all members and hopes to be able to create more interacting activities to get to know each and every member better. Members of the committee had made a decision to expand the current association building in order to increase the interior space so as to allow more activities to be held for the members. With this great task in mind, Ang Shee General Association reaches out to all members to share this vision and contribute generously to this great cause.

Precious feedbacks are also greatly appreciated so as to help improve any imperfections detected.

Ang Shee General Association would like to take this chance to thank to all members within our management community for their active participation and selfless contribution.

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