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Inauguration Ceremony (2013-14) 34th Executive Committee and 29th Benevolent Association

Qian Xi Paya Lebar Restaurant





Ang Shee General Association held her Inauguration Ceremony for the 34th Executive Committee and 29th Benevolent Association on 5th May 2013 at Qian Xi (Paya Lebar) Restaurant.

The Inauguration Ceremony was conducted in a warm and grandiose atmosphere. The MC invited all of the newly elected Ang Shee Executive Committee Members on stage to take their oath. The General Affairs Director, Clan Fellow Member Ang Ah Chye led the oath taking with all Executive Committee Members raising their right hand and pledged their commitment to provide quality service towards the development of the Association. Each newly elected member then signed above their elected appointment in the record book in the presence of the Honorary Committee Advisor and Honorary Life Patron cum Trustee Clan Elder Eng Liat Kiat and Clan Elder Ang Hai Choon (PBM).

After the oath taking, the Association President, Clan Elder Ong Lian Kwang gave a speech encouraging all to have a common vision and participate in the continued growth and development of Ang Shee General Association.

It is also encouraging to note the increase in new and younger members elected in the committees which comprise 29.4% of total committee members. There are also many new and younger members joining which will contribute positively to the future development of the Association. It is hoped that they will bring new ideas and increase participation in events organized by the recreation and women's committee.

​Event Photos

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