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Association's 51st Anniversary

Qian Xi Paya Lebar Restaurant


当晚也颁发第47届会员子女勤学奖励金。 席开68桌;裕廊集选区国会议员洪维能宗长受邀担任宴会贵宾。

主席两光宗长致词感谢晚会贵宾,海内外六桂宗亲的热烈支持;宗亲们齐心协力,以宗亲会利益为先,一步一个脚印迈进,心里很是感激。主席也希望短期内会员总人数能突破300位。当晚也颁发了新名誉会长证书于文琛,凯彬与伟斌宗亲。 本会会务顾问任成(B)和本立宗长颁发小学及中学组、高中、理工及大专组 第47届(2015年度)会员子女勤学奖励金,过后也与全体学生合照。




On 10 December 2016, Ang Shee General Association (ASGA) held its Annual Dinner to celebrate the 51st Anniversary of the Ang Shee General Association; the 46th Anniversary of the Benevolent Association; the 8th Anniversary of the Women's Committee; and the 4th Anniversary of the Youth Committee.

The 47th Bursary Award presentation ceremony was also conducted during the event. About 680 clan fellows and guests were present, with Member of Parliament for the Jurong GRC, clan elder Ang Wei Neng as the Guest of Honour for the event.

In his speech, Clan President Lian Kwang thanked the guest of honour, clan members, and guests for their support and attendance, and the Weng clan members for prioritising the Association's interests. President Lian Kwang hoped that the total number of clan members can hit a record high of 300 in the near future. He wished everyone good health and family harmony for the year ahead. The certificates for New Honorary Patrons were then issued by the guest of honour to fellow members Wen Chen, Ong Kelvin, and Wee Ping. During the event, our Committee Advisors, clan elders Gee Seng and Toon Lip, presented the 2015 Bursary Award to the children of fellow clan members who attained outstanding academic results. A group photograph with all award recipients was taken at the end of ceremony.

This was followed by a speech, in which General Affairs Director, Clan Fellow Ah Chye, thanked all clan members for their cooperation and hard work over the years in supporting the association's organised activities, which had brought the association to a greater height. Following this, all committee members proceeded to the stage for a group photograph. They then proposed three toasts, for a Prosperous Singapore, a booming Association, prosperous business for all participants, and last but not least, for good health for everyone, ending the banquet on a warm note.

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