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National Day 2013 Celebration - Barbecue Night

East Coast Parkway


这项活动是由总会青年组主办,康乐组与妇女组协办的。 在各位理事宗亲及亲属的大力支持和参与下终于完满地落幕了。





In celebration of National Day, Ang Shee General Association held a Barbecue Night on 3 August 2013.

This event was organised by the youth group together with the recreation and women's group. With strong support and participation of committee and clan members, the event was carried out smoothly.

This first outdoor barbecue event organised by the Association was held in the heart of the scenic East Coast Park. With cool weather and gentle blowing sea breeze, it was a great way to celebrate National Day. Clan members enthusiastically began to prepare a sumptuous and hearty dinner of delicious satay, chicken wings, ribs, sausages, flower crabs, prawns, healthy salads, etc. For the main course, there were fried rice, fried noodles, etc. In short, it was a food galore.

That night, clan elder, Lian Kwang, together with clan fellow members, Er Qian, Phoon Tian, and Kay Long, were on hand grilling, sharing and serving the food. Everyone sat together chatting about their family and local affairs. Children enjoyed themselves cycling, playing and chasing each other around the area. Balloons were provided for the children's enjoyment and the atmosphere was warm and pleasant.

The success of the event was also due to the strong support by the following committee and clan fellow members through their sponsorship, as appended:
1. Clan Elder Lian Kwang sponsored $500;
2. Clan fellow members, Chee Keong and Kay Long, sponsored the facility booking fees and barbecue package including utensils for 30 persons;
3. Clan fellow member, Tian Jing, sponsored the cooked food of fried pumpkin, curry chicken, fried mee hoon, and vegetables. On top of that, he also bought the fresh prawns and sausages for the barbeque;
4. Clan fellow member, Phoon Tian, sponsored the live flower crabs;
5. Clan fellow member, Ah Chye, sponsored the durians;
6. Clan fellow member, Er Qian, sponsored the salad;
7. Clan fellow member, Poon Lai, sponsored the beer.

All in all, the food tasted great and everyone had a wonderful time and left with pleasant memories.
Besides the above, in total about forty (40) people including Clan fellow members, Liang Hong, Jui Pong, Soo Sing, Si Yong, Yien Yee, and Kelvin Ong attended the event.

Special thanks for the time and effort put in by clan fellow members, Kay Long, Ah Chye for planning, and Phoon Tian for transportation to deliver the necessary items to the venue. Without their selfless dedication and contributions, it would have been very difficult to organise this event in such a short notice. It is hoped that such events would promote more active participation by clan members in future activities. Members are always encouraged to uphold the Association's motto of serving the clan and attracting more new members so as to constantly develop the growth of the association to achieve greater heights.

​Event Photos

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