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Spring Festival Gathering cum "Respect The Elderly" Lunch Party

Qian Xi Paya Lebar Restaurant








On 9th Feb 2014 (Sunday) at 11.30 am, clan members got together at the Association's premise for the 28th Spring Festival Gathering cum "Respect The Elderly" Lunch Party. This year, the event was jointly organised by Ang Shee General Association and Liu Kwee Tang (六桂堂).

On that day, the association hall was decorated with festive ribbons and lanterns, spreading the festive mood and atmosphere. 180 clan members and their respective family members turned up for the event. Lion Dance performances were also arranged to kick-start and increase the festive mood of the event. The atmosphere at the venue was warm and harmonious.

At 12.30 noon, our President and the Lion Dance troupe welcomed the arrival of Clan Elder Ang Chee Guan PBM (拿督斯里) (Chairman of Liu Kwee Tang). Thereafter, our Honorary Advisor and Honorary Life Patron cum Trustee Clan Elder Liat Kiat (皇冠徽章), our President Clan Elder Lian Kwang and Liu Kwee Tang's Chairman led all members to pay respects to the ancestors. After the rites, members exchanged well wishes with one another for good health and wealth. To welcome the Year Of Horse, the "God of Wealth (财神爷)" also appeared to distribute "lucky" candies. The atmosphere was very joyful and festive.

Clan Elder Lian Kwang together with Clan Elder Ang Chee Guan PBM (拿督斯里), MP for Jurong GRC Clan Elder Ang Wei Neng and Ex-PAP MP Clan Elder Ang Mong Seng BBM were then invited to give speeches. They respectively welcomed all clan members and thanked participants for their enthusiastic involvement. They also hoped that through such activities the excellent traditional Chinese culture of respecting elders would be carried forth by the younger generations. They also wished for continued national peace and prosperity, blessing for all participants with good health, wealth and family happiness.

Singers were also engaged to add to the festivities. Clan members sat together chatting about the gains of last year and looking forward to brighter future. The emcee, then, requested everyone to rise and announced the commencement of "Lao Yu Sheng 捞鱼生" on his cue. The festivities were brought to a climax when all participants sang a rendition of Chinese New Year melodies together. Applause and laughter filled the venue. Games, shows and fun activities such as the beer drinking competition organized by the Women's Group also brought many laughs and warm applause from the participants.

Accompanied by cheerful songs, our President Clan Elder Lian Kwang together with Liu Kwee Tang's Honorary Advisor, Jurong GRC MP Clan Elder Ang Wei Neng went around distributing special Hongbaos (红包) to participants aged 65 years old and above, blessing them with good health and longevity as a gesture of appreciation and respect for our pioneers. Ex-PAP MP Clan Elder Ang Mong Seng BBM together with our General Affairs Director Clan fellow Ah Chye also formed a group with the committee and Liu Kwee Tang's committee members to distribute bags of mandarin oranges to all guests and gave out Hongbaos (红包) to children, wishing them good academic performance ahead.

Happy occasions are always fleeting and all good things must soon come to an end. Thus, the combined Ang Shee General Association and Liu Kwee Tang "Spring Festival Gathering cum 'Respect The Elderly' Lunch Party" ended successfully, and everyone looked forward for next year's collaboration. The Year of the Horse will bring us to greater heights.

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