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3D4N Penang /Kuala Sepetang /Ipoh Tour

Penang /Kuala Sepetang /Ipoh


康乐组此行为宗亲們安排的槟城/怡保/十八丁游行程途经槟城大桥,参观了东南亚最宏伟的极乐佛寺, 游览海上約100公尺的姓氏桥, 壁画步行街,马来西亚最大的烧炭制作,乘船观赏紅树林区,喂食老鹰及观鱼场。宗亲們也置身于怡保lost World Tambun 泡溫泉,体验泡溫泉雾气的舒畅感觉;宗亲們尽情地玩乐,有骑脚车也順道参观了当地的特产,滿足了宗亲們的购物乐。



The Recreation Committee of the Association organised a 3 days 4 nights trip to Penang, Kuala Sepetang and Ipoh. A total of 21 Clan members and their families signed up for the event. They assembled at the association in the evening of 18 June 2015, starting their journey to Penang at 8:30 pm by coach.

During the trip, the tour group travelled across the famous Penang Bridge, which is the 2nd longest bridge in Malaysia connecting Penang and the Malaysia Peninsula. The group visited the South East Asia's largest Buddhist temple, "Kek Lok Si" (极乐寺) and also went to the Clan Jetties, a century-old Chinese settlement of 6 jetties named after 6 different Chinese clans. They also got a chance to appreciate Penang Street Art during their stay in Georgetown, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

At Kuala Sepetang, a small fishing village located off the Taiping, Perak state coast, they visited the biggest Charcoal production factory in Malaysia, followed by taking a scenic boat ride to view Matang mangrove forest, the largest unbroken expanse of mangrove swamp forest remaining in Malaysia. Over there, they observed eagles looking for food and visited the fish farm.

The group also had a relaxing time immersing themselves in the hot springs at the Lost World of Tambun in Ipoh. Everyone had lots of fun during their bike trip around the city, which gave them the opportunity to buy local food products and souvenirs. It was a rewarding experience.

The group also celebrated Father's Day, which happened to fall within the duration of the trip, and the tour members wished the best of health for all fathers on the trip.

This 3D/4N trip has not only allowed the clan members to enjoy the natural scenery and appreciate the cultural and historical beauty of Malaysia, but also fostered better bonds between fellow clan members, leaving behind beautiful memories for them.

​Event Photos

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