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BBQ at East Coast Park



烤肉会结束前, 宗亲和家属们拉起布条拍拍团体照留念、大家感谢青年组和妇女组为此活动所做的策划和安排。

On Sunday, 28 July, the Ang Shee General Association's Youth Committee and Women's Committee teamed up to host a BBQ at East Coast Park. The organisers were ready by 5:00 that evening, when clan members arrived at East Coast to participate, gathering around the BBQ pits to relax and feast. They enjoyed the sea breeze and admired the distant sunset amid the coolness of the beach. It was a luxurious, leisurely feeling.

Before the BBQ drew to a close, clan and family members held up a banner for a group photo, then expressed their appreciation to the Youth and Women's Committees for planning and arranging the event.

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