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Spring Festival Ancestor Worship Ceremony cum "Respect the Elderly" Lunch Reception


总会正月初七14/02/2016 十二点正于会所盐官堂,在主席两光宗长带领下,全体理事及宗亲,一起祭拜祖先。当天备有舞狮团助兴,会场喜气洋洋,年味十足。


当天早上,理事宗亲们准备了一对象征着'大吉大利' 和'好事成双'的柑桔分赠予出席者作为贺礼,让大家互相拜年。

On 14 February 2016, the 7th day of the first month of Chinese lunar calendar, at 12:00 noon, Ang Shee General Association (ASGA) committee and clan members, led by President Clan Elder Lian Kwang, gathered at the Association's premises to pay respects to the ancestors. A traditional Lion Dance troupe was also engaged to kickstart the ceremony. It was a joyful and festive atmosphere.

Two weeks after the Spring Festival Ancestor Worship ceremony, on 28 February 2016, ASGA, together with Singapore Liu Kwee Tang and the five other clans under the "Liu Kwee" organisations [formed by six related clansmen associations, namely Hong(洪)、Jiang(江)、Weng(翁)、Fang(方)、Gong(龚)、Wang(汪)], jointly held its first ever Spring Festival Gathering cum "Respect the Elderly" Lunch Reception at the Qian Xi Restaurant (Farrer Park). The aim of the event is to strengthen the emotional kinship between "Liu Kwee" clansmen.

Committee members had also prepared a pair of mandarin oranges, which symbolise "good fortune", as a door gift for each and every guest. It is a common practice to exchange Mandarin oranges during Chinese New Year (CNY) visits in Singapore.

The scene at the lunch reception was spectacular with about 300 clansmen attending the event. Participants ushered in the new year with New Year greetings and well wishes during the "Lo Hei" ceremony and had a whale of a time as they sang to the background Karaoke music. President Lian Kwang led the committee members round the room distributing hongbaos (red packets) ($60 each) to members aged 65 years old and above, wishing them good health in their golden years. The children present also received hongbaos from the committee members, as they wished the best for them in their academic achievements.

Clan elder Lian Kwang, who is also the current Liu Kwee Tang President, hopes that the next Spring Festival Gathering could be arranged on the Lantern Festival, the 15th day of the first month in the Chinese lunar calendar, or during the first 15 days of that month to preserve the celebratory festive mood during the CNY.

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